Maryland Shrink Wrapping Professionals

The National Association of Shrink Wrapping Professionals (NASWP): is an organization that is bringing shrink wrapping professionals together in hopes to promote safety, industry standards, and environmental awareness. We are “collectivley shrink wrapping the globe”, one member at a time.
In early 2011, a group of professional shrink wrapping companies from across the country came together to discuss the future guidance of the shrink wrapping industry. That meeting determined that the industry lacked common standards that many other industries have. The industry does not seem to be recognized, really as an industry at all. The very simple question was asked, “How do you set standards?” The answer was just as simple, “you organize.”
The NASWP was based and incorporated in the state of Maryland as a nonprofit organization. The four founding members were voted in as board members for the first term to get things going. The organization will be publicly introduced in Oct. 2011 at the IBEX Boat show in Louisville, KY. Currently the organization is looking to fill a number of board seat with professionals who have the same passion to see the industry grow in the right direction. Membership to the organization will be offered to all who wish to benefit from the many educational and networking programs that will be offered.

Author: Jaime Morelas

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